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Children Who Witness Violence  216.443.7345
Crime Stoppers  216.252.7463
Cuyahoga County Whistleblowers  216.698.2999
Domestic Violence Help  216.391.4357
Elder Abuse  216.420.6700
Environmental Crime  800.282.9378
MADD/Victim-Survivor Help  877.MADD.HELP
Ohio Consumer Protection  800.282.0515
Rape Crisis Center Help  216.619.6192
Suicide Prevention  216.623.6888

In The Community

Hoping to hike public awareness of heroin's toll in Greater Cleveland, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office is launching a television and Internet information campaign. Read more

News from the Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutors ask for $1 million bond for defendant in child abuse and assault cases

Cuyahoga County prosecutors today asked a judge to increase a bond tenfold for a Cleveland man whose child abuse conviction and 28-year prison sentence was overturned by the Ohio Supreme Court. more...

Army veteran suffering from PTSD sentenced to 12 years for vicious stabbing

A mentally wounded veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will serve 12 years in prison for viciously attacking three people last year, leaving them with lifelong scars. more...

Cleveland sting catches 34 of 38 wanted BBE 900 gang members

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office announced more than two dozen gang members were taken into custody following a sting on Wednesday. more...

Statement by First Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Duane Deskins on Law Enforcement’s Targeting of the BBE 900 Gang

We are here today to announce the latest effort by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office to stop gang violence in Cuyahoga County and to tackle head-on a gang responsible for much of the wanton violence that plagues our communities. more...

Attention on rape kit cases turns to the Cuyahoga County suburbs

After concentrating heavily on reinvestigating thousands of leads in older Cleveland rape cases, prosecutors are turning their attention to suburban cases. more...